Step by Step Guide: How to Change Page Color in Google Docs

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Google Docs, a free web-based software provided by Google, has become increasingly accepted in classrooms, offices and even homes. It offers a versatile platform for creating, editing and sharing documents. One feature that is often overlooked is the ability to change the page color – an essential tool that adds visual interest, creates a mood, or simply differentiates document sections.

Understanding the Google Docs Interface

Before we delve into the specifics on how to change page color in Google Docs, it’s important to understand the tool’s interface. Google Docs features a user-friendly design defined by a menu bar at the top that hosts various relevant settings and tools. To access the page color tool, you will primarily interact with the ‘File’ and ‘Page Setup’ options within the menus.

Step-By-Step Guide: Changing Page Color

Now, onto the crux of the matter – how to change page color in Google Docs. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide:

1. Open the Google Docs document you want to edit.
2. Click on ‘File’ from the menu bar on top.
3. Navigate down to ‘Page Setup.’
4. In the pop-up box that appears, you will notice an option for ‘Page color’ at the bottom. Click on it.
5. From the color palette that appears, choose your preferred page color.

Customizing Page Color

Exploring the color spectrum in Google Docs reveals a multitude of color options. To access a specific shade, use the custom color picker. After you click on ‘Page color,’ select the ‘+Custom’ option at the bottom of the color palette. This opens a color slider and an RGB input field that allows for precise shade customization, giving you control over the look of your document.

Saving and Applying Page Color Changes

After selecting your custom color from the color picker, click ‘OK’ to save your changes. To apply the color change to the entire document, ensure you’re not highlighting a specific section when changing the color. For a single page, highlight the specific content on that page before making the color change.

Ways to Reset Page Color

To revert to the default page color in Google Docs, merely follow the same steps mentioned earlier, but select ‘White’ as your page color. This might be necessary if the color scheme doesn’t work as intended or causes legibility issues.

Tips and Tricks for Changing Page Color

Changing page color can significantly enhance your document’s visual impact. Bear in mind that light, pastel shades tend to work best for readability. Darker colors can be effective in conveying mood, or highlighting specific sections.

The Effect of Page Color on Document Presentation

Color choices can greatly impact the final look and readability of your document. A proper balance between page color and text color is critical. For formal or professional documents, stick with light colors or white.


Google Docs’ ability to change page color enables you to enhance the visual appeal of your documents. Don’t shy away from exploring this feature. Whether you’re writing an engaging classroom presentation or a professional business report, the power of color can significantly elevate your document.


What is the purpose of changing the page color?

Changing the page color in Google Docs can improve document readability, offer visual differentiation of sections, and augment aesthetic appeal.

How do you revert to the default color in Google Docs?

To revert to the default page color, follow the same process as used to change the color, but select ‘White’ as your page color.

Can I apply different color to different pages within the same document?

Yes, you can. Just select or highlight the content on the specific page you want to change before applying the new color.

Does changing page color affect the text color?

No, changing the page color does not affect the text color.

Can I choose a custom color or am I restricted to the default color picker?

Yes, Google Docs provides a ‘+Custom’ option that allows you to select and create precise color shades.

How do I apply my changes to the entire document?

Ensure you’re not highlighting any specific content or section when changing the page color. This way, the color change gets applied to the entire document.