Mastering Google Sheets: Adding Extra Space in Cells Simplified

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How to Add Space in Google Sheets Cell

Hello, this is Tracy with Today, I am going to guide you through the process of how to add space in a Google Sheets cell. Adding spaces or padding is a common requirement in sheet operations to improve readability and organization of data. So, let’s dive right in.

Adding Space with a Keyboard Shortcut

The simplest way to add a space in a Google Sheets cell is by using your keyboard. Simply double click on the cell you want to add a space to and hit the space bar. You’ll see the cursor move over by one space.

Adding Space Using the CHAR function

The CHAR function is an excellent tool for adding both leading and trailing spaces. To insert a space in the beginning or the end of a cell, simply use the formula:




In these formulas, A1 is the cell address, while CHAR(32) is the ASCII code for a space.

Adding a Space Using Concatenate Function

If you wish to insert space between two sets of text, Google Sheets has the CONCATENATE function. To use this function, use the formula:


In this formula, A1 and B1 are your two sets of texts, and is the space you want to add.

Wrap Up

With these methods, adding space in google sheets cell should no longer be a challenge for you. Always remember, adding spaces can make your data more readable and well-organized, streamlining your workflow.

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