Determining the Required iCloud Storage Capacity for Your Backup Needs

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How Much iCloud Storage is Needed for a Backup?

Hi, I am Tracy from and today, I am going to explore an essential aspect of digital storage management: How much iCloud storage do you really need for your backups?

Understanding iCloud Storage

The iCloud storage plan you require heavily depends on how you use your iOS devices. Your iCloud backup includes information like your text messages, photos, and app data. This data can quickly add up, especially if you use your iPhone or iPad for taking high-resolution photos or videos frequently.

Calculating Required iCloud Storage

The traditional rule of thumb suggests that your backup should be approximately 1.5 to 2 times the size of the data you are backing up. For example, if you store around 50GB data on your iOS devices, you should ideally have around 75-100GB iCloud storage.

Considering Your Usage

However, your required iCloud storage isn’t only about backing up iOS device data. If you use iCloud to store documents, presentations, or other important files, you may need to factor in additional storage for these files. Also, large app libraries and frequent software updates can significantly inflate your backup size.


For most users, the 50GB plan is usually enough. However, if you frequently take photos, videos, or have a lot of apps on your device, consider the 200GB or 2TB plans. When in doubt, always opt for a larger plan since it will offer padding for additional data and future updates. You can downgrade storage whenever you want if it turns out to be too much.

Remember, it’s better to have unused storage than running out of it when you need it the most. Don’t let the storage limit stop you from backing up essential data, making it secure and easily accessible from any device.

Avoiding catastrophic data loss is worth the small monthly investment in iCloud storage.

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