Simple Process to Block Someone on Snapchat

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How to Block Someone on Snapchat

Hi there, I’m Tracy. Having problems with a user on Snapchat and need to know how to block them? You’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to run through the simple steps required to block someone on Snapchat, making tech less intimidating and more approachable for all.

Steps to Block Someone on Snapchat

Open the Chat Screen

To begin, open Snapchat and navigate to your chat screen by swiping from left to right on the phone screen.

Access User Profile

Next, tap and hold onto the user’s name you intend to block. This will lead you to a new screen showing the profile of that user.

Block the User

Click on the three horizontal dots located at the top left corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear giving you several options. Find and click on the ‘Block’ option.

Confirm your Action

A prompt will show up asking for confirmation. Click ‘Block’ once again to complete the process. Remember, once blocked, the person will no longer be able to send you snaps or view your story.

Unblocking a User

If you ever change your mind, unblocking is just as straightforward. Just navigate to your Snapchat settings, select ‘Blocked’ under ‘Who Can…’, and tap ‘x’ next to the user’s name you want to unblock.

Hope this guide helps you manage your Snapchat privacy better. Remember, there’s no shame in putting your peace and privacy first. Happy Snapping!

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