There are so many ways you can boost your Instagram if you are willing to work hard at it. The problem comes in when you do not have the time to do it, or do not feel as though you have the skills to do it either.

If either of these is the situation for you, you may want to consider boosting your Instagram account by purchasing new followers. Nowadays, so many Instagram users do this it is not something that is going to cause problems for you or your account. Not if you do it carefully, that is.

Choosing the right Instagram followers service — With several large companies online selling Instagram followers, you want to be sure you are buying from the right one.

Ask other Instagram users that you know if they have ever bought followers. You will probably find that most of them have, and most of them have their favorite sellers.

Get recommendations from at least three people for sellers that are reputable. Check out their sites for prices, for follower packages and for how long it takes them to deliver your new followers.

Choose the site that works out the best for you, with the least amount of hassle, and place your order with them.

How to decide how many new followers to buy — First you need to decide on the number of new followers you will purchase for your account. Unless you already have an account that has tens of thousands of followers, you are best paying for just a few hundred at a time.

Wait until the first couple of hundred are added to your account, and then buy more if you want to do so.

If you have tens of thousands of followers on your Instagram account already, however, you can afford to pay for a few thousand as Instagram will hardly notice that kind of an increase.

Decide on when you want them delivering — The best services selling Instagram followers will also allow you to decide when you want your new followers to be delivered.

While you can choose to have them all added at one time, this is nothing but a gigantic bell ringing asking for Instagram to take notice of you.

Instead, arrange for them to be added to your account over a few days’ time. This way Instagram is not likely to notice what you are doing, and people who are watching your account closely may not notice it either.

You can buy more follower a week or two down the road and get to the huge number you want to have.

How often should you add new followers? — If you have a large account, you should be able to add new Instagram followers every couple of weeks without drawing attention to your account.

If your account is smaller, it pays to only order a few hundred at a time and then wait at least a month before ordering any more. This will then help protect the new followers you have already bought and also safeguard your account. If you are looking for a legitimate site to buy followers on, we recommend taking a look at