How to Use Google Maps Speedometer on Your iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

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Google Maps is a well-known navigation app used by millions around the globe. It helps guide people from one location to another and comes with many features to aid in navigational needs. One such feature, which is our topic of focus for this piece, is the Google Maps speedometer for iPhone.

Understanding Google Maps for iPhone

A Brief History and Evolution of Google Maps on iPhone

Google Maps was released in 2005 and was integrated into iPhone services since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. It has undergone several updates and improvements to enhance its functionality and user experience.

Importance of Google Maps for Users

Google Maps is indispensable to many iPhone user. Whether you’re finding your way around unfamiliar territories, checking traffic updates, or looking for a local business, Google Maps comes to the rescue.

Overview of Features Available in iPhone

Apart from the mentioned speedometer, Google Maps on an iPhone are also packed with features such as real-time traffic updates, detailed transit information, route finding, street view, and more.

Exploring Google Maps’ Speedometer Feature

Explanation on the Speedometer Feature and its Primary Use

The speedometer feature in Google Maps provides real-time speed readings, which can help maintain safe and legal speeds when driving.

Country/Region Availability of the Speedometer Feature

This efficacious feature is primarily available in several countries around the world. However, some regions may still not have this feature due to local laws and regulations.

Benefit of Using a Speedometer While Driving

The speedometer helps drivers remain mindful of their driving speed, promoting safer driving habits and potentially help avoid speeding tickets.

How to Enable the Speedometer Feature on iPhone

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Turn on the Speedometer in Google Maps

To enable the speedometer in Google Maps on your iPhone, head over to the app settings -> Navigation Settings – > Enable Speedometer.

Troubleshooting Tips on Common Issues when Enabling the Feature

If the speedometer isn’t showing up, ensure that your app is updated to the latest version, and that the feature is available in your location.

How to Use Google Maps’ Speedometer on the iPhone

When the feature is enabled, the speedometer will appear in the bottom left side of the screen when you are in driving mode. Make sure to be mindful of your speed to ensure safe driving.

Other Relevant Google Maps Features for Drivers

Traffic Alerts Feature

The app also provides traffic alerts which can be incredibly useful to be mindful of the road conditions, giving alternate routes in case of traffic jam.

Real-Time ETA Feature

Another essential feature is the real-time ETA that informs users about their estimated time of arrival accounting for the current traffic situation.

Offline Maps Feature

Google Maps also provide an option to download maps for offline use which is useful when traveling in areas with weak internet connectivity.

Comparing Google Maps Speedometer to Other GPS Apps

Apps like Waze and Apple Maps also offer speedometer features, but most users find Google Maps’ speedometer more user-friendly and accurate.

Improvements and Future Predictions

Google constantly updates Google Maps with innovative features and improvements for more accurate and efficient navigation. Future updates pertaining to speed tracking could involve stricter warnings to users who consistently breach speed limits.


The speedometer feature in Google Maps is certainly a beneficial tool for enhancing safe and responsible driving. The accurate speed reporting and easy-to-use interface are two of the many reasons to utilize this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get a speedometer on Google Maps iPhone?

Yes, Google Maps on an iPhone does have a speedometer feature which you can enable through the Google Maps settings.

Is the speedometer in Google Maps accurate?

Yes, the Google Maps speedometer is very accurate and provides real-time speed readings.

Why can’t I see the speedometer on my Google Maps?

If you can’t see the speedometer after enabling it, make sure your app is updated and that the speedometer feature is supported in your location.

What other apps have a speedometer feature similar to Google Maps?

Apps like Waze and Apple Maps also offer speedometer features.

Can Google Maps speedometer help avoid speeding tickets?

Yes, with the Google Maps speedometer feature, you can regulate your speed and potentially avoid getting a speeding ticket. However, it’s ultimately the responsibility of the driver to maintain safe and legal speeds at all times.