Changing Your Google Map Voice: An Easy Overview

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Hey there, I’m Tracy and I’ve got a little tech nugget to share with you today: Google Map Voice Change! Google Maps, that faithful navigator guiding us from one location to another, employs a voice navigation system. This voice descriptor can seem mundane after a while; luckily, the option to change Google Map’s voice is available. This not only freshens our navigational experience but also suits individual preferences. This article will explore the steps to change Google Map’s voice, different voice options available, and how to use other applications to customize the voice further. Let’s dive right into it.

A Deeper Look into the Google Maps Voice Change Procedure

Changing Voice on Android Devices

On Android, changing Google Maps voice is a simple process. Go to the Google Maps application, open the menu and select ‘settings’, then ‘navigation settings’. Find the option for ‘voice selection’, and make a choice from the voices available. Bear in mind that chosen voice will be guiding you from then on!

Changing Voice on iOS Devices

For iOS users, Google Maps allows one to pick a voice with a different accent or language. To do this, open Google Maps, click on your profile at the top right, select ‘settings’ then ‘navigation’. From there, choose the ‘voice selection’ and select the perfect fit from the numerous voices available.

Recognizing Different Voice Options in Google Maps

The Standard Voice Options

The Google Maps application comes with a default navigation voice, but that’s not all. There are several other voice options to choose from. These include various accents and languages based on user location and preference.

Regional Accents and Language Options

In an effort to be user-friendly, Google Maps allows users to choose from an array of different accents and languages. These options give a more personal and localized user experience.

Extrapolating other Apps to Customise Google Map’s Voice

Using Waze for Custom Voice Directions

Waze, a sister application to Google Maps, has a feature allowing for more expansive voice customization. With Waze, one can employ celebrity voices or even record their own personalized voice guides.

Other Apps for Voice Customization

There are numerous other apps available for customizing voice directions, such as Custom Navigation Alerts and Mapkin. Each offers a unique and fun twist to keeping you on the right route.

An Overview of Most Popular Google Map Voices

Popular Celebrity Voices

Among the available options, celebrity voices often top the charts for popularity. Google has in the past featured voices from famous individuals like Morgan Freeman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

User-Reviewed Best Voices

Picking the best voice is subjective and depends on personal preference. However, voices noted for their clarity and understandability are often deemed favorites. These clear-toned voices ensure navigation is smooth and directions are easy to comprehend.

How to Modify Google Maps Speech Output Settings

Adjusting Voice Guidance Volumes

You can easily adjust the voice guidance volume in Google Maps. Navigate to ‘settings’ and then go to ‘navigation settings’. Here, you’ll find an option to increase or decrease the volume of the guidance voice.

Switching Voice Guidance Modes

Google Maps also allows you to alter voice guidance modes. You can choose to have full voice guidance, announcements only, or even no audio. Again, this is found within the ‘navigation settings’ menu.

Tackling Common Issues Related to Google Maps Voice Change

Common Problems

Like any tech feature, changing the Google Map’s voice might come with a few glitches. Common issues include the voice not working or the changed voice not sticking to your selection.

Practical Solutions

Ensuring that your phone’s volume is not muted, the voice settings in the App are switched on, and the device’s software is up to date can generally solve these issues. However, you may need to consult Google’s help center for more persistent problems.


In conclusion, changing Google Maps’ voice is a great way to customize and enhance your navigation experience. You have a host of voice options to choose from including different accents to celebrity voices or even your recorded voice with other applications. Go ahead and try out these simple steps to adjust your Google Maps voice for a more personalized journey. If you ever encounter any issues, now you are well-armed with troubleshooting solutions.

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