How to Determine Your Google Drive Folder Size

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Understanding Google Drive Folder Size

Hello readers, Tracy here. Let’s talk about something people often ask about but seldom understand fully – the Google Drive Folder Size.

What is Google Drive Folder Size?

Google Drive Folder Size simply refers to the amount of Google Drive storage consumed by the files contained within a particular Drive folder.

Why is Google Drive Folder Size important?

Google Drive offers a limited amount of free storage space. Hence, being aware of your Google Drive Folder Size can assist you in managing your storage more efficiently and avoiding unnecessary costs for extra storage pace. Additionally, knowing your folder sizes can help identify large, space-consuming files that could potentially be trimmed, compressed or deleted entirely.

How to check Google Drive Folder Size?

Unfortunately, Google Drive doesn’t directly display folder size. However, by choosing the ‘storage’ view in Google Drive, you will see the size of individual files. Besides, you may use third-party tools like TreeSize or WizTree to view folder sizes.


Even though Google Drive capabilities have made our lives considerably easier, it’s vital to understand and effectively manage Google Drive Folder Size to make the most out of the platform. It may not be straightforward, but with a few additional steps and tools, you can better manage your storage.

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