Troubleshooting Gmail Notifications Not Showing Up: Effective Solutions

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Gmail Notifications Not Showing Up: How to Fix?

Hello, this is Tracy from In this short write-up, we’re going to address a common issue faced by many Gmail users: Gmail notifications not showing up. This might prove troublesome, especially if you rely on Gmail for important work emails. Let’s dive into why this occurs and how we can fix it.

Why are Gmail Notifications not Showing Up?

Gmail’s push notifications should ideally alert you of new incoming emails instantly. However, this doesn’t always happen due to reasons that may include app settings, device settings, or having the latest version of the Gmail app.

How to Fix Gmail Notifications Not Showing Up?

Check Gmail App Settings

Firstly, ensure your Gmail app settings are set up to receive notifications. Open Gmail > Menu > Settings > Select account > Notifications and ensure it’s set to ‘All.’

Check Device Notifications Settings

Secondly, check your device’s notification settings. On Android, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Gmail > Notifications and ensure they’re turned on.

Update Gmail App

Lastly, ensure your Gmail app is up to date. An outdated version might be incompatible with your device’s operating system and can cause issues with notifications.

Following these steps should fix the ‘Gmail notifications not showing up’ issue. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to Google Support.


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