Discover the Free App of the Week on iTunes: Top Picks for Your Device

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Exploring iTunes’ Free App of the Week

What is iTunes’ Free App of the Week?

As technology enthusiasts may already be aware, the iTunes’ Free App of the Week was a popular feature offered by Apple through its App Store. It allowed users to download a premium app or game for free every week. This initiative was a win-win situation: app developers received increased exposure and Apple users got to try out paid apps at no cost. Although this specific program has been phased out with the introduction of the new App Store in iOS 11, it’s always helpful to look into past offerings to anticipate future deals and savings opportunities on the App Store.

Why did Users Look Forward to the Free App of the Week?

Users eagerly awaited the announcement of the Free App of the Week for a few reasons. Firstly, it provided an opportunity to explore apps that they might not have otherwise considered due to cost concerns. Secondly, it was a way for users to enrich their app collection and discover new functionalities to enhance their iOS experience.

Alternative Ways to Discover Free or Discounted Apps

Even though the Free App of the Week program is no longer running, there are still numerous ways to find free or discounted apps. Users can check out the ‘Today’ tab in the App Store, which often features new apps, including limited-time offers and discounts.

How to Stay Informed About App Deals

Staying updated on the latest app deals requires a bit of proactive behavior. Bookmarking sites dedicated to tracking App Store deals, signing up for newsletters, or following tech blogs can be highly beneficial. You can also follow app developers on social media, as they sometimes offer their apps for free or at a discount to followers.


Question Answer
Is iTunes’ Free App of the Week still available? No, the Free App of the Week program ended with the launch of the redesigned App Store in iOS 11.
Where can I find app deals now? Look for deals in the ‘Today’ tab in the App Store, join newsletters, follow tech blogs, and track app developers on social media for promotions.
How do I know if an app is worth downloading? Check out reviews, ratings, and the app’s features listed in the App Store description to determine its value and relevance to your needs.

In conclusion, while the Free App of the Week feature on iTunes may be a thing of the past, Apple continues to offer a variety of ways for users to discover new apps and take advantage of promotions. As an expert in tech-related issues, my name is Tracy, and I suggest keeping an eye on the dynamic App Store and utilizing third-party resources to get the best deals for your Apple devices. Happy app hunting!