Exploring the Features: How Good is the Blink Camera Night Vision?

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When discussing home security cameras, one feature often comes to the forefront of the conversation: night vision. Given the importance of maintaining security throughout the day and especially during the night, the feature becomes a key factor in deciding which brand and model to choose. This article will focus on one renowned brand in the security camera industry, the Blink brand, and delve into the functionality and capability of its night vision feature.

Details on Blink Camera

Brief History and Background of the Blink Brand

Amazon-owned Blink is a pioneer in the smart home security industry. It made its debut in 2016 with the launch of its first ever wire-free, battery-powered home security camera. Ever since its breakthrough innovation, Blink has continued to evolve, offering a wide variety of security cameras with advanced features.

Different Models in Blink Cameras

Over the years, Blink has released several models, each equipped with varying features suited for different needs. These models include the Blink XT2, Blink Mini, Blink Outdoor, and the Blink Indoor. Each model comes with the impressive night vision feature that we will delve into next.

Blink Camera Night Vision Features

Functionality of Night Vision

The Blink camera comes with a built-in feature of infrared night vision. This works through infrared LED lights that automatically kick in when low light conditions are detected, allowing the camera to capture clear images in black and white, even in complete darkness.

Quality of the Night Vision Output

High-resolution output is at the core of Blink cameras, providing a sharp and detailed picture of up to 1080p HD quality, even in the dead of night. Moreover, these cameras can cover areas of up to 20 feet in complete darkness.

Infrared Technology

The high-quality infrared technology used in Blink cameras allows them to cover long distances, even in the absence of light. Multiple infrared LEDs work together to provide an expansive field of view.

Benefits and Limitations

While the night vision feature comes with numerous benefits, such as high-resolution output and wide coverage, it does have some limitations. The cameras switch to black and white mode for night vision, thus not providing coloured images. In addition, the range of visibility may reduce if the camera lens is scratched or dirty.

How to Set Up Night Vision on Blink Cameras

Activating Night Vision

Activating night vision on Blink cameras is no rocket science, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Simply navigate to the camera settings on your Blink app and toggle on the infrared setting.

Optimizing Night Vision

To get optimal results, make sure the camera lens is clean and the camera is placed at strategic locations. Avoid aiming the camera at reflective surfaces as this could cause glare in the images.

Comparison with Other Brands

Comparatively, Blink cameras hold their own against other leading brands such as Arlo and Ring. They provide similar range, video quality, and are easy to set up. Nevertheless, Blink stands out due to its extended battery life and more affordable cost.

Practical Usage and Consumer Reviews

User stories and reviews reveal that the night vision capability has assisted in identifying theft, vandalism, and even spotting lurking animals in backyards. Some users, however, have experienced issues with the camera not switching to night vision mode properly. These issues are mostly fixable by adjusting the camera settings or updating the app.


In summary, night vision in Blink cameras, powered by industry-leading infrared technology, provides high-quality images, even in complete darkness. Despite a few limitations, its performance, ease of use, more affordable cost, and above all, the peace of mind it brings to users make it a significant contender in the world of home security cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the range of Blink camera’s night vision?

Blink cameras are capable of capturing images in up to 20 feet in complete darkness.

How to enable night vision in Blink cameras?

You can enable night vision by toggling on the infrared setting in the camera settings on your Blink app.

Can night vision be used during the day?

No, night vision automatically switches on in low light conditions and off in adequate light settings.

Does Blink camera’s night vision work through windows?

Infrared light from the night vision feature can cause reflection when pointed directly at glass. Thus, it’s recommended to not place the camera facing windows for optimal performance.

How to troubleshoot problems with the night vision feature?

If issues persist with the night vision feature, one can try cleaning the camera lens, adjusting the camera settings, making sure the camera is updated to the latest firmware version, or reaching out to Blink customer support.

Is the night vision quality same across all Blink camera models?

Different models may offer different video quality, but all Blink cameras are equipped with high-quality infrared night vision.

How does Blink camera’s night vision compare to other brands?

Blink’s night vision competes well with other leading brands, offering comparable video quality, range, and ease of setup. However, Blink tends to stand out due to its extended battery life and lower cost.