How to Use Edge Browser in Private Mode on iPhone for Secure Browsing

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Using Edge Browser in Private Mode on iPhone

Using Edge Browser in Private Mode on iPhone: Protect Your Privacy

As an expert on tech-related issues and troubleshooting, I believe in the importance of online privacy. Let’s dive into how to use the Edge browser in private mode on your iPhone to enhance your browsing privacy.

The Basics of Edge Private Mode on iPhone

Microsoft Edge’s private mode, known as “InPrivate” browsing, is designed to provide you with a layer of privacy by not storing your browsing history, cookies, or temporary files once the session is closed. This is particularly useful for sensitive searches or when using someone else’s device.

How to Enable InPrivate Browsing

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the tabs icon at the bottom center of the screen.
  3. Tap the ‘New InPrivate tab’ option to start a private browsing session.

Why Use Private Mode?

InPrivate browsing in Edge is a reliable option for users who are particular about their digital footprint. It’s essential when you are entering sensitive information, conducting confidential searches, or during web browsing in a public or shared environment.

Comparisons with Other Browsers

Browser Private Mode Name
Microsoft Edge InPrivate
Safari Private
Chrome Incognito
Firefox Private Window

While all these private modes offer similar functionalities, Edge’s integration with Windows and Microsoft’s services provides additional benefits for users who are already a part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Tips for Maintaining Privacy

Keep in mind that InPrivate browsing doesn’t make you anonymous on the internet. Your ISP or employer can stilltrack your activity, and it doesn’t prevent websites from tracking you through other means.

Recommended Privacy Practices

  • Use VPN services for an additional layer of privacy.
  • Consider using search engines that prioritize user privacy.
  • Regularly clear your browsing data, even when using private mode.


Does InPrivate Mode save any information?

No, InPrivate mode is designed not to save your browsing history, cookies, search history, or files you download.

Can I use extensions in InPrivate mode?

Yes, but you need to allow extensions in InPrivate mode manually as, by default, they are disabled to ensure privacy.

Is InPrivate mode on Edge better than similar features in other browsers?

Edge provides a comparable level of privacy to other browsers. Choosing Edge should depend on your preference and trust in Microsoft’s handling of your data.

Is it possible to set Edge to always open in InPrivate mode?

Currently, there is no setting to make Edge always open in InPrivate mode on an iPhone. You must select it manually each time you open the browser.