Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create an Event on Discord

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How to Create an Event on Discord

As an experienced tech expert, I, Tracy, understand the importance of efficient communication and organization in online communities. Discord has rolled out a feature that simplifies organizing online meetups, gaming sessions, and other community events – the Discord Create Event feature. This built-in functionality is a boon for server administrators and members alike, enhancing the platform’s utility as a hub for community engagement. Here’s a detailed guide on how to create an event on Discord.

Accessing the Event Creation Feature

To start creating an event on Discord, you’ll need to have the proper permissions in your server. Typically, you’d need to be a server administrator or have a role with the “Manage Events” permission granted. Once you have the necessary permissions:

  • Navigate to the Discord server where you wish to host the event.
  • Look for the server’s scheduling tool, which typically appears as a small calendar icon on the server’s top bar.
  • Click on the calendar icon to begin setting up your event.

Setting Event Details

Filling out the necessary details for your event is critical. Here’s the information you should be ready to provide:

Detail Description
Event Name The title of your event that will be visible to everyone.
Start and End Time The duration of your event, including time zone considerations.
Description A brief summary of what the event is about.
Location If it’s an online event within Discord, you can link a voice channel; for IRL events, you can provide an address.
Cover Image An image to represent your event, providing a visual appeal.

Ensure that all the provided information is clear and accurate to prevent any confusion for potential attendees.

Customizing Your Event

You might want to tailor the event to specific needs of your community. Here are additional customization features you can include for a better experience:

  • Limit the number of attendees if you’re aiming for a smaller, more intimate gathering.
  • Use roles to restrict event visibility to certain groups within your server.
  • Set up reminders to ensure that members don’t forget about your upcoming event.

Inviting Participants

Once your event is created, it’s time to notify your server members. You can share a direct invite to the event in relevant channels or use @mentions to attract attention. Engaging the community and encouraging RSVPs ensures a higher participation rate.

Managing the Event

After the event goes live, keeping track of it is essential. You can edit event details, view who has RSVP’d, and send out timely updates or changes to your participants. Post-event, you can also gather feedback to improve future events.

FAQs on Creating an Event in Discord

What permissions do I need to create an event on Discord?

You need to be a server moderator or have a role with “Manage Events” permissions enabled.

Can I create an event for a specific voice channel?

Yes, when setting the location, you can link directly to a Discord voice channel.

Is it possible to limit the number of attendees?

Yes, during the creation process, you can specify the maximum number of participants.

How do I edit an event after creating it?

Go to the event page, and click on the “Edit” button to make any necessary changes.

Can members outside of a server join an event?

No, events are restricted to members of the server where the event is created.


Creating an event on Discord is a straightforward process designed to enhance community interaction. By following the steps laid out above, server administrators and members with appropriate permissions can effectively organize and manage events, fostering a sense of community and togetherness on the platform.

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