How to Quickly Delete Empty Folders on Your Computer

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How to Delete Empty Folders


Hello, I’m Tracy, and today I’ll guide you on how to delete empty folders. This may seem as a trivial task, but getting rid of these extra folders can help you maintain a cleaner and more organized system.

Why should you delete empty folders?

Empty folders sometimes have hidden files or frameworks which may affect performance negatively. They also take up space that could better be utilized. Therefore, it’s recommended to delete empty folders.

How to Delete Empty Folders Manually

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the location of the empty folder.
  3. Right click the folder and select Delete.
  4. Confirm the deletion.

Using Software to Delete Empty Folders

There are several free and premium software out there that can delete all empty folders at once. Examples of these software include Wise Disk Cleaner, Empty Folder Nuker, and Folder Vanity Remover. Always make sure to use trusted and reputable software to reduce risk of potential issues.

Steps to delete empty folders using Wise Disk Cleaner:

  1. Download and install Wise Disk Cleaner.
  2. Open the software and click on Common Cleaner.
  3. Select Scan to scan for empty folders.
  4. Once scanning is done, click Clean to delete all empty folders.


Deleting empty folders is a simple yet crucial step in optimizing your system’s performance and organization. Using the above methods, you can quickly and efficiently get rid of redundancies in your system’s file structure.

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