How to Create a Poll in WhatsApp: Essential Tips

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Create a Poll in WhatsApp: Simplified Steps

Hello, I am Tracy from In this concise article, I will guide you on how to create a poll in WhatsApp.


Polling in WhatsApp is used to collect opinions from a group of people and make decisions quickly and efficiently. However, as of now, WhatsApp itself does not have a built-in feature for polls, but this doesn’t mean you can’t create a poll in WhatsApp. Let’s dive into it.

Creating a Poll Using Polls for WhatsApp

There are third-party apps like ‘Polls for WhatsApp’ that can easily help you to create a poll in WhatsApp.

Step 1: Install Polls for WhatsApp

Firstly, visit the Playstore or Appstore to install ‘Polls for WhatsApp’.

Step 2: Create Your Poll

Once installed, launch the app, type in your question and the potential options for answers. Then, hit ‘Create Poll’.

Step 3: Share Your Poll

After creating your poll, you’ll be provided with a link. Share this link with your group or an individual chat in WhatsApp.

That’s it! Now the group members can tap the link and cast their vote. Once they cast their vote, you will receive a notification of the results.

Creating a Poll with Doodle

Another tool to create a poll in WhatsApp is Doodle. The process for Doodle is quite similar to that of ‘Polls for WhatsApp’.

Step 1: Sign Up in Doodle

Firstly, you need to sign up for a free account in Doodle.

Step 2: Create Poll

After signing in, you can create your poll question and all feasible responses.

Step 3: Share the Poll

Once completed, you’ll receive a unique poll link that you can share with your WhatsApp group.

And voilà! Now, your participants can select their preferred answer in your poll.

Please note that third-party applications might have their own privacy and data management policies. Therefore, it’s always wise to do a bit of research before sharing any important or confidential data using such apps.


I understand the tech world can seem daunting for many, but I hope this easy-to-follow guide on creating a poll in Whatsapp helped simplify things for you.

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