10 Cool Mac Terminal Commands to Enhance Your Productivity

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Cool Mac Terminal Commands for Power Users

As an expert in tech-related issues and troubleshooting, I’ve always been fascinated by how Terminal commands can streamline tasks and unlock hidden features on Mac. In this article, I’ll share some of the cool Mac Terminal commands that can enhance your productivity and system management. With precision in detail and practicality, these commands address common user intents, ensuring every reader walks away better equipped to handle their Mac like a pro.

Finding Files Quickly with mdfind

One of Mac’s powerful yet underused commands is mdfind, which leverages the built-in Spotlight search engine to locate files incredibly quickly. Instead of manually searching for files, use the following syntax:

mdfind -name "filename"

This will reveal all files with the name “filename”. It’s a real time-saver!

Monitoring System Activity with top

Another important command is top. Much like the Activity Monitor, but without the graphical interface, it provides real-time updates on your system’s processes. To use it:


Use the q key to quit the monitoring view when you’re finished.

Customizing Your Prompt with PS1

Personalization adds a fun touch to your command line experience. To change your Terminal prompt:

export PS1="YourCustomPromptHere: "

After executing this, your prompt will update to your custom text. Experiment with various symbols and colors to make it uniquely yours.

Using Wildcards for Batch Operations

Wildcards (*) are a lifesaver when you want to perform batch operations. For example, to list all PNG files in a directory, use:

ls *.png

This command lists all files that end with the .png extension. Handy for bulk file management!

FAQ Section

Can I undo a Terminal command?

Most Terminal commands execute immediately and do not have an ‘undo’ option. Always double-check commands before execution.

How do I stop a running Terminal command?

Press Control + C to terminate the currently running command.

Is there a way to view command history?

Yes, type history to see a list of previously executed commands. You can also scroll through your history using the up and down arrow keys.

How do I customize Terminal’s appearance?

Open Terminal -> Preferences -> Profiles. From here, you can choose different themes or customize your own.

Can I drag and drop files into Terminal to get their path?

Yes, simply drag any file into the Terminal window, and it will display the file’s path.


These cool Mac Terminal commands offer functionality that can speed up your workflow and make tasks more efficient. Always remember that while the Terminal is powerful, it requires careful use to avoid unintended system changes. As a tech enthusiast named Tracy, I personally love the sense of control and efficiency Terminal brings to daily computing. Embrace these commands and elevate your Mac experience!


Unfortunately, there are no direct references available for the personal insights and commands shared within this article. They are based on my hands-on expertise and experience in tech troubleshooting and how-to guidance.