How to Determine Your Chromebook’s End of Life Status

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Chromebook End of Life Check: What You Need to Know

When investing in a Chromebook, users often overlook one crucial detail: the end of life (EOL) policy set by Google. Knowing the EOL helps you understand how long your Chromebook will receive software updates, a key factor in maintaining security and performance. I’m Tracy, a tech expert, and I will guide you through checking your Chromebook’s EOL status and what it means for you.

Understanding Chromebook End of Life (EOL)

Google provides Chromebooks with automatic updates that enhance both security and performance. However, these updates do not continue indefinitely. Each device has an Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date, after which Google does not guarantee updates. This is commonly referred to as the device’s end-of-life date.

Why Chromebook EOL Matters

Post-EOL, your device will not receive new software features, security patches, or technical support. This can leave your device vulnerable to security risks and software incompatibility over time.

How to Check Your Chromebook’s End of Life

Here’s a step-by-step guide to determine your Chromebook’s EOL:

  • Open your Chromebook and sign in.
  • Click on the status area, where your account picture appears.
  • Select “Settings” (or just type chrome://settings/ in the Chrome browser).
  • At the bottom of the settings page, click on “About Chrome OS.”
  • In the “About” window, click on “Additional details.”
  • Look for the “Update schedule” to find the EOL date for your Chromebook.

Understanding Your Chromebook’s Update Schedule

The update schedule provides a timeline of past updates and the upcoming AUE – a date crucial for planning ahead.

Actions to Take After EOL

If your Chromebook is approaching its EOL, or has already passed it, you have several options:

  • Continue using the device, though it may become less secure over time.
  • Upgrade to a newer Chromebook model.
  • Consider alternative operating systems that may continue support, like Linux.

FAQs About Chromebook EOL

What if my Chromebook is past its EOL date?

While you can still use your device, it won’t receive official updates, which could compromise security and functionality.

Can I get an extension on my Chromebook EOL?

No, Google’s EOL policy is fixed and applies to all devices equally.

Will my Chromebook stop working after EOL?

Your Chromebook will continue to function but will not receive further software updates from Google.


Understanding your Chromebook’s EOL is vital to ensure you’re using a secure and up-to-date device. By checking your device’s update schedule in the settings, you can plan ahead for when it’s time to upgrade or consider other options. Remember, while EOL Chromebooks still work, they do not benefit from Google’s latest software advancements, and this may affect your overall user experience. Being proactive will keep you a step ahead in maintaining optimum Chromebook performance and security.

For detailed EOL information, Google maintains a list of Chromebook expiration dates that can be found on their Chrome Enterprise Help page.

Stay savvy with your tech, and if you’re in the market for a new Chromebook, be sure to review the EOL dates for any potential purchases. It’s your ticket to enjoying a sustained, secure Chromebook experience.

– Tracy