Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change Text Color on Your iPhone

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Personalizing the display settings on your iPhone can greatly improve the overall user experience. An exciting feature that many users aren’t well acquainted with is the ability to change the text color on your iPhone. Text color customization not only adds an aesthetic element but can also significantly enhance readability.

Basic iPhone Text Customization

Before delving into how to change text color, let’s first cover the basics of iPhone text customization. Your iPhone offers a host of settings to adjust the size and boldness of the text. In the Settings app, visit the Display & Brightness section, where you will find the Text Size option. Dragging the slider will allow you to adjust text size to your liking. For bolder text, navigate to the Accessibility settings and find the Bold Text toggle under Display & Text Size.

Alongside adjusting the size and boldness, the iPhone also offers a feature called Zoom. This is especially helpful for individuals who prefer to read larger text without adjusting the overall display size. This can be activated under Settings > Accessibility > Zoom.

Changing Text Color in System Settings

When it comes to changing the text color, first, it’s essential to understand the role of the Display & Brightness settings. This is where you can adjust your iPhone’s display to Dark Mode or Light Mode, effectively alternating the contrast of your overall text color.

However, for further customization of text color, you will need to enable Color Filters. This feature can be found under Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Color Filters. Here you can choose between different color tints or even select Grayscale to change the overall color palette of your display, including textual content.

Text Customization in Specific Apps

Certain apps on your iPhone allow for individual text color changes within the app. For instance, in the Notes app, you can tap the Aa icon when typing a new note to bring up the text customization menu, allowing you to change the text color.

In your Mail app, you can tap the > icon, then the Aa icon when composing a new email to access a similar text customization menu. While not every app allows for text color changes, most commonly used Apple apps offer this feature.

Creating Color Contrasts for Enhanced Readability

Pairing your text color with a contrasting background color can greatly enhance readability. For example, if you’ve chosen a darker text color, a light background would provide optimal contrast, and vice versa.

Furthermore, certain color combinations are more readability-friendly. For instance, a classic black text on a white background, or white on a dark background are commonly used due to their high contrast and accessibility.

Using Accessibility Features for Text Customization

Beyond color filtering, iPhones are equipped with a host of accessibility features that can fine-tune your text display. Under the Accessibility settings, you can find options such as Invert Colors and Increase Contrast, which can render a dramatic change in text visibility and color.

Impact of Text and Background Colors on Battery Usage

It might be surprising, but your color settings can indeed affect your iPhone’s battery life. Generally, darker themes (black text on white backgrounds) consume more battery power. Thus, to conserve battery life, you might want to consider changing your settings to use lighter colors.

Understanding Limitations and Possibilities

While iPhones offer a vast array of text customization options, it’s important to note a few limitations. Currently, iPhones do not support independent text color changes within the system settings. If you’re seeking advanced customization options such as individualized text colors for different apps, third-party applications might be your best bet.


Customizing text color on your iPhone can make a notable difference not only in personalizing your device but also in enhancing visual comfort and readability. There’s definitely a learning curve, but we encourage you to experiment with various color customizations to create a visually pleasing iPhone experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I change the color of my text messages on iPhone?

Currently, the iPhone does not support changing the color of text messages. Text message color usually indicates the type of message sent.

Why are my iPhone text messages in green color?

Green text messages on your iPhone indicate that the message was sent via SMS rather than iMessage.

How do I turn off color filters?

Color filters can be turned off under Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Color Filters.

Can changing color settings improve my iPhone’s battery life?

As mentioned earlier, color settings can indeed affect battery life. Light color themes generally consume less power, potentially extending battery life.

Why can’t I adjust the color of text in certain apps?

While some apps on your iPhone allow for text color changes, not all apps offer this feature. This is largely dependent on the app developers’ design decisions.