How to Block Email Text Messages with AT&T in 2021

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How to Block Email Text Messages on AT&T in 2021

Understanding Email to Text Messages

Hello, I’m Tracy, and I’m here to explain how you can block unwanted texts that come from email addresses, which are commonly known as email-to-SMS or email-to-MMS messages. AT&T customers might receive spam text messages that are not sent from another phone but from an email address. These can be particularly annoying as they often bypass typical spam filters intended for phone-to-phone messaging.

Blocking Email Text Messages on AT&T

As of 2021, AT&T provides a few methods to block these types of messages:

  • AT&T Call Protect App: This app not only helps in blocking unwanted phone calls but also provides features to block text messages.
  • AT&T Smart Limits: Although this service was discontinued, if you subscribed to it before it ended, you can still use its features to block unwanted communications.
  • Manual Blocking: You can block email texts by directly replying with the word “BLOCK” or by setting up message blocking through your device settings, depending on your smartphone’s operating system.

Step by Step Guide to Blocking Email Texts

Method Steps
AT&T Call Protect App
  1. Download the AT&T Call Protect app from your device’s app store.
  2. Register your AT&T phone number.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Inbox’ tab.
  4. Select the email text message you wish to block.
  5. Choose ‘Block’ and confirm your choice.
Manual Blocking via Text
  1. Open the unwanted text message.
  2. Reply with the word “BLOCK”.
Device Settings Access your device’s messaging settings to find and activate block options (this varies by device).

Note that blocking methods may differ based on your device and the software it uses, so be sure to check your specific model’s manual or support page for precise instructions.

FAQ: Blocking Email Text Messages on AT&T

Can I block all text messages sent from email addresses?

AT&T doesn’t offer a way to block all email texts at once, but you can block them individually as they come in.

Will blocked senders know they’ve been blocked?

Blocked senders do not receive a notification that they’ve been blocked, so they will not know that you are not receiving their messages.

What happens to the blocked texts–are they stored anywhere?

Blocked texts are typically not stored and do not appear in your inbox after you’ve blocked the sender. They’re effectively discarded by the network or your device.

Is there a way to see a list of all the numbers and addresses I’ve blocked?

In most devices or apps like AT&T Call Protect, you can view a list of blocked contacts within the settings or block list feature.

In conclusion, blocking email text messages with AT&T in 2021 can be accomplished in several ways. While spam texts can be annoying, the methods described above can help you maintain control over your inbox. Keep in mind that technology and services continually evolve, so always check for the most recent information on the AT&T official website or your device’s user manual.

Please note: No references were used as this article is based on general practices as of the 2021 standard for AT&T’s services and may have been derived from my knowledge as a tech expert.