Mastering the Use of Arrow in Word: Quick Tips and Tricks

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How to Insert an Arrow in Word

Hello, I’m Tracy from, offering an easily understandable explanation about a commonly-searched topic in Microsoft Office Word: How to insert an arrow.

About Arrows in Word

Arrows are not just plain lines or symbols in Word; they are also functional elements that can be used to illustrate the sequence of steps, demonstrate how different items relate with one another, or as graphic emphasis on documents.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Insert an Arrow in Word

Step 1: Navigate to the Ribbon

First, go to the ribbon at the top of the Word application. Here, choose the Insert tab.

Step 2: Select Shapes

Within the Insert tab, click on the Shapes button. This will present you with an extensive drop-down menu showing a variety of shapes, among them arrows.

Step 3: Choose an Arrow

Choose the type of arrow you want to add to your document. They range from straight arrows, curved arrows to block arrows.

Step 4: Draw the Arrow

Finally, click and drag on your document where you want the arrow to appear then release the mouse button. You can resize and rotate the arrow to suit your liking.

Remember, Word also allows you to format the arrow using the Format tab that appears once you select the arrow. You can change the color, size, shape style, and more until you get the perfect arrow to meet your needs.


Using arrows in Word is a great way to make your documents more dynamic and easier to understand. As always, don’t hesitate to explore and familiarize yourself with the many options available to make your work more visually appealing and structured.

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