Maximizing Your Device’s Protection: Exploring AppleCare+ Coverage Benefits

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Understanding AppleCare+: What It Covers and Is It Worth It?

If you’re considering purchasing an Apple device, you might be wondering about the additional coverage options available to protect your investment. AppleCare+ is a popular choice, but what exactly does it provide, and is it the right decision for your needs? As a tech expert, I’m here to break down the details and help you make an informed choice.

What is AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ is an extended warranty service offered by Apple that provides additional coverage beyond the standard one-year warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support. It includes accidental damage protection, 24/7 priority access to Apple support, and coverage for both hardware repairs and software support.

What Does AppleCare+ Cover?

AppleCare+ extends the standard warranty coverage and adds accidental damage protection but it’s important to understand the specifics:

  • Hardware Coverage: It covers the device, battery, and included accessories against manufacturing defects.
  • Accidental Damage: AppleCare+ includes coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage per year, with a service fee.
  • Software Support: You get direct access to Apple experts for questions on a wide range of topics, such as iOS, iCloud, and Apple-branded apps.

Costs Associated with AppleCare+

The cost of AppleCare+ varies depending on the device. There’s an upfront cost for the service, and additional fees apply for each incident of accidental damage.

Example Costs for iPhone

Service Cost
AppleCare+ Purchase $149 – $199
Screen Damage $29
Other Damage $99

How to Purchase AppleCare+

AppleCare+ can be purchased alongside your new device or within 60 days of your device purchase. It is available in-store, online, or by calling Apple Support.

Pros and Cons of AppleCare+


  • Extended hardware and software coverage.
  • Coverage for accidental damage.
  • Priority access to Apple support.


  • Additional upfront cost.
  • Limited number of accidental damage incidents.
  • Coverage is limited to two or three years.

User Intent and Considerations

Before deciding on AppleCare+, consider your usage habits and financial preferences. If you’re prone to accidents or prefer the peace of mind of extended coverage, AppleCare+ may be worth the investment for you. Conversely, if you’re careful with your devices or willing to risk paying for potential repairs out-of-pocket, you might opt to skip the additional coverage.

FAQs on AppleCare+

Is AppleCare+ transferable if I sell my device?

Yes, if you sell or give away your Apple device, the AppleCare+ plan can also be transferred to the new owner.

Can I cancel AppleCare+?

Yes, you can cancel AppleCare+ and receive a pro-rata refund for the unused portion of the plan, provided you haven’t used any accidental damage incidents.

Does AppleCare+ cover theft or loss?

AppleCare+ by itself does not cover theft or loss, but there is an upgrade to AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss for an additional cost.

Tracy’s Perspective on AppleCare+:

As someone who spends significant time troubleshooting tech problems, I understand the value of a service like AppleCare+. In my personal experience, the cost of a single out-of-warranty repair often exceeds the price of AppleCare+, making it a sensible investment for those who rely heavily on their devices. However, for users who rarely encounter such issues, the standard warranty might suffice.

In conclusion, AppleCare+ offers comprehensive coverage that may save you from unexpected repair costs, but its value ultimately depends on your individual circumstances. As with any warranty service, weigh the costs against the potential benefits before making a decision.