Achieving Optimal Audio: Where Should a Soundbar be Placed?

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The incorporation of a soundbar in your home entertainment system ticks all the boxes for both visual appeal and acoustic satisfaction. Perfectly taking your music, movie and gaming experience to new heights. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on where to place your soundbar for optimal audio experience. Let’s get right into it!

Understanding A Soundbar

Definition of a Soundbar

A soundbar is a type of loudspeaker that projects audio from a wide enclosure. It is much wider than it is tall, allowing it to deliver a stereo effect in a single cabinet.

Functionality and Importance in a Home Entertainment System

Soundbars are designed to enhance your TV’s audio quality, especially in the low to mid frequencies. The slim design of modern TVs often means compromising on the quality of built-in speakers. A soundbar fills this gap. Additionally, many soundbars also have Bluetooth capabilities, acting as a music player independently of your TV.

Factors to Consider Before Placing a Soundbar

Room Layout

Every room resonates differently, therefore, its layout should be one of your primary considerations before placing a soundbar. Attention should be given to the shape and size of your room, furniture arrangement, and whether there are any obstructions.

Soundbar Size

The size of your soundbar also influences where it should be placed. Ensuring the soundbar fits perfectly into your desired placement is key to a seamless design aesthetic.

TV Size and Location

The size and location of your TV is another key factor. The soundbar should complement your TV, and shouldn’t overshadow it or be dwarfed by it.

Available Space

You should also take into account the available space for the soundbar. It shouldn’t interfere with your TV’s operations or obstruct the view.

Acoustics of the Room

The sound wave produced by your soundbar will interact with your room’s acoustics. Things like the wall, floor material, and other audio-reflecting surfaces can have a significant influence on sound quality.

Best Places to Position a Soundbar and Explanations

One of the prime factors that dictate how much you benefit from your soundbar is its placement.

In Front of the TV

This is perhaps the most popular placement option. It is quite effective as it places the soundbar close to ear level and ensures the sound is directed to the listener.

Under the TV

When mounting your TV on the wall, placing your soundbar just underneath is another great option. It looks aesthetically pleasing and it allows the soundbar to project the sound to a height that complements your viewing.

Above the TV

This may not be the most popular choice but it can work well within some setups, especially if space constraints do not allow for the soundbar to go beneath the TV.


Many sleek modern soundbars come with wall-mounting capabilities. This can help save space and can also be a good choice if it’s at the right height for your viewing experience.

Why Each Position is Beneficial

Ranging from optimal sound experiences to space management and aesthetic appeal, each position has its unique benefits that can greatly enhance your home entertainment system.

Installation Tips for Each Soundbar Placement

Steps to Install Soundbar in Front, Under, or Above of The TV

When installing the soundbar, make sure it is centered with your TV. Measurements must be taken accurately to ensure the soundbar fits perfectly. More so, while placing it under or over the TV, be sure it doesn’t block the IR sensors of the TV.

Steps to Install a Wall-mounted Soundbar

For a wall-mounted soundbar, use the mounting brackets and screws that come with the soundbar. Use a level tool to ensure the soundbar is completely horizontal.

Caution and Safety Measures

While installing, be aware of any walls, triggers or objects that could potentially damage the device. If cables need to be run through walls, make sure you abide by all local building and fire codes.

How Does Soundbar Placement Affect Sound Quality

Apart from the convenience and aesthetic factors, the right soundbar placement directly affects the quality of sound. This remains a vital aspect of your home entertainment setup that can be transformational when done right.

Influence of Room Design on Sound Bar Placement and Sound Quality

The design and layout of the room can greatly influence the quality of sound you get from your soundbar. Rooms with a lot of fabric tend to absorb sound while those with glass and hardwood tend to amplify it.

Importance of Accurate Placement for Optimal Sound

Identifying and strategically positioning your soundbar in a spot that delivers the best sound quality is crucial. Whether on the TV stand, wall-mounted or underneath, accurate placement optimizes output.

Potential Issues with Sound Quality in Various Placements

Knowing potential room acoustics that could negatively impact your sound can be very helpful. Placing your soundbar where sound waves can be directly absorbed or reflected off walls, ceilings or floors can impair sound quality.

Other Equipment That Can Influence Soundbar Placement


If your soundbar comes with a subwoofer, it could also dictate its placement. For those with wired subwoofers, the distance is determined by the wire length.

Additional Speakers

If a surround sound setup is incorporated, positioning should ensure that sound from all speakers harmonizes effectively.

Other Entertainment or Sound System Components

Equipment such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and cable boxes could determine where your soundbar is placed so as not to interfere with their operation and convenience of use.


Ultimately, the perfect soundbar placement varies from one individual and home to the other, contingent on several factors such as room layout and design, TV size, available space, and acoustics of the room.

Remember, the aim is to achieve a harmonious blend of great sound, outstanding aesthetics, and seamless operation of all devices. Explore the tips and information from this guide and let your space guide you to the perfect placement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Place a Soundbar Behind a TV?

While it could be physically possible, placing a soundbar behind the TV is not advised as it can significantly reduce sound quality.

Is it Okay to Mount a Soundbar on The Wall Above the TV?

Yes, you can place the soundbar above the TV, just ensure it does not obstruct the screen and it is positioned for optimal sound output.

Does The Soundbar Have to be Centered Under the TV?

Centering the soundbar under the TV not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also ensures even distribution of sound.

Do I Have to Mount My Soundbar, or Can I Just Place It on The TV Stand?

Both positions are great. The choice would depend on personal preferences, aesthetic value, and space optimization requirement.

Can The Placement of a Soundbar Affect Its Sound Quality?

Absolutely! Where a soundbar is placed plays a major role in the sound output.

How High Should My Soundbar be?

As a general rule, for optimal sound output, the soundbar should be at ear level when you’re seated.

Can I Place My Sound Bar Vertically Instead of Horizontally?

Soundbars are designed to sit horizontally. Placing it vertically could distort sound output.

Does The Size of The Soundbar Matter When Placing It?

Certainly, the size of your soundbar should be taken into account. It should fit perfectly with your TV and space for best results.

How Does a Room’s Acoustics Affect Soundbar Placement?

The materials in the room, furniture placement, and room shape can all affect sound waves, thus influencing the ideal placement for a soundbar.

Can Other Equipment Affect Where I Should Place My Soundbar?

Yes, other home entertainment system components like gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or even additional speakers can influence where to place your soundbar.