A Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Resetting Your Wyze Cam

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How To Reset WYZE Cam: A Comprehensive Guide


An Overview of Wyze Cam and Its Features

Wyze Cam is a popular home security camera recognized for its affordable pricing, high-definition video, and useful features. It comes equipped with a two-way audio option, motion detection, night vision, and cloud storage, making it an exceptional tool for maintaining home security.

Why a Reset May Be Necessary

Sometimes, you may experience issues like software bugs or forgotten passwords that necessitate a reset of your Wyze Cam. Resetting restores the camera to its factory settings, solving many system glitches and allowing you to set a new password if necessary.

Precautions Before Resetting Wyze Cam

Backing up Data

Before initiating a reset, it’s essential to back up your Wyze Cam data. This will prevent valuable recordings from being lost during the reset process.

Understanding the Consequences of a Reset

Remember that a reset isn’t a simple reboot. It’s a restoration to the factory settings, meaning all configurations, settings, and user data will be erased. Consider this before proceeding with the reset.

How To Physically Reset Wyze Cam

Locating the Reset Button

The reset button is typically located at the bottom of your Wyze Cam, right next to the setup button.

Steps to Physically Pressing the Reset Button

First, disconnect your camera from the power source. After waiting a few seconds, reconnect it and hold down the reset button for 10-20 seconds. Once the light starts flashing, release the button.

Verification of Successful Reset

You’ll know the reset was successful if the Wyze Cam’s status light is flashing yellow. Then, the camera will announce, Ready to connect.

How to Reset Wyze Cam from the Application

An Overview of the Wyze App

The Wyze App is a dedicated application offering control of your Wyze Cam right from your smartphone. You can view live feeds, customize settings, and even reset your camera from the app itself.

Steps to Follow for Resetting the Camera from the App

To reset via the app, simply go to the camera settings and select ‘Device Info’. Then, choose ‘Delete Device’, followed by ‘Confirm’. The device will then be removed from your account and will return to its default settings.

Confirmation of Successful Reset

If the reset was successful, your Wyze Cam will be removed from the list of attached devices in your Wyze App.

Solving Common Issues During Reset

Troubleshooting Reset Button Issues

If the camera doesn’t respond to the reset button, there might be a problem with the button or camera hardware. Try repeating the physical reset process and if unsuccessful, contact Wyze support.

Solving App-related Problems During Reset

If the app doesn’t allow for a reset, start by troubleshooting the app. Check whether the app needs updating, close and reopen the app or reinstall it if necessary.

Dealing with Wyze Cam Not Resetting Correctly

In the unlikely event that your Wyze Cam doesn’t reset correctly, it’s best to contact Wyze support. They can guide you through additional troubleshooting steps or arrange a replacement under warranty.

Reinstallation after Reset

Steps to Setting Up Wyze Cam Again

After resetting, you will need to reinstall your Wyze Cam as a new device. Use the Wyze App, click ‘Plus’ on the top-right corner, and follow the steps to set up the camera again.

Common Reinstallation Problems and How to Resolve Them

One common issue during reinstallation may be unsuccessful pairing. If your Wyze Cam refuses to pair with the app after resetting, there could be an issue with your Wi-Fi or app version. Ensure that your Wyze App is updated and you’re connected to a stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Maintaining Wyze Cam to Avoid Frequent Resets

Maintenance Tips To Minimize System Errors

Regular firmware updates, maintaining a stable Wi-Fi connection, and occasionally rebooting (not resetting) your Wyze Cam can help to minimize system errors and boost camera performance.

Advice on Proper Handling and Usage

Proper handling of the Wyze Cam is important. Keep the camera in a safe, enclosed area to avoid physical damages. Don’t expose the camera to harsh weather conditions or excessive humidity.


Recap of the Steps and Precautions for Resetting Wyze Cam

There you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to reset Wyze Cam both physically and through the app. Remember to back up data and confirm the reset after completion.

Encouragement of Proper Usage and Maintenance

Proper usage and maintenance of your Wyze Cam are just as important as knowing when and how to reset. By following the maintenance tips highlighted, you can avoid frequent resets and prolong the lifespan of your Wyze Cam.


Here, we’ll answer some common questions related to resetting your Wyze Cam.

What Happens When I Reset My Wyze Cam?

Resetting your Wyze Cam restores it to its factory settings. This means any settings, user data, and configurations will be fully erased.

Do I Have To Reinstall My Wyze Cam After a Reset?

Yes, after a successful reset, you’ll need to set up and pair your Wyze Cam with your Wyze App again.

Will Resetting My Wyze Cam Delete Recorded Footages?

Resetting will erase all locally stored data. However, videos stored on the cloud will remain. It’s advisable to back up your data before resetting your Wyze Cam.

Remember, as an owner of a Wyze Cam, understanding how to reset your device constitutes a vital part of ensuring its optimum performance.