A Comprehensive Guide on How to Send Roomba Home Safely After its Cleaning Session

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The Roomba, a product of iRobot, is an innovative piece of technology that brings the convenience of auto-cleaning to your living spaces. With its state-of-the-art features, the Roomba vacuums your floors without the need of manual operation. No less important than knowing how to utilize this handy, home-cleaning robot is understanding how to send Roomba home. This article-guide dissects the process, why it matters, and what to do when you encounter issues.

Understanding Roomba’s Home Base

Description of Roomba’s Home Base

The Roomba’s home base, also known as its charging station, is a space-saving dock that simultaneously serves as a charging port and parking place. The home base provides your Roomba with a designated spot to rest and recharge between cleaning sessions.

Purpose of the Roomba’s Home Base in Daily Cleaning Operations

Apart from charging, the home base assists the Roomba by designating a starting and ending point for cleaning cycles. It is programmed to return to the home base once its battery is low or when its cleaning task has been completed.

How Roomba Knows Where the Home Base is

Roomba tracks its home base through infrared signals. Before it winds up a cleaning session or when its battery level drops, it uses these signals to return to its charging station.

How to Send Roomba to its Home Base Manually

When to Send Roomba Home Manually

While Roomba automatically goes back to its home base, there can be occasions when you need to send it back manually. This can include times of a scheduled cleaning pause or when you need to relocate it.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Manually Send Roomba Home

To send your Roomba home, locate and press the (Home) button on the robot. Depending on the model, the button can either be a house icon or labeled ‘Dock’. Upon pressing, it will stop its current task and head back to the home base.

How to Make Roomba Automatically Return Home

Using Automated Settings for Roomba to Return Home

Roomba models come with an automatic return home feature. This allows the machine to return and dock at the home base once cleaning is completed or when the battery is running low.

Step-by-Step Guide on Setting the Automatic Return Home Feature

To activate this feature, access the settings on your Roomba or the iRobot Home app, select ‘End Job Early’, and then ‘Return to Home Base’. This instructs your Roomba to automatically go to its dock after cleaning.

Perfect Times to Make Roomba Return to the Base Automatically

Automate your Roomba’s return when you need it ready for the next cleaning cycle, or when you’re away and want it securely docked.

Troubleshooting Roomba Home Issues

Common Problems Preventing Roomba from Reaching Home Base

Potential issues might include a weak battery, obstacles between the Roomba and its home base, or even dirty charging contacts.

How to Rectify these Problems

Ensure your Roomba’s battery is always charged, clear the deck for its path to home base, and clean the charging contacts regularly with a dry cloth.

When to Reach Out to Customer Service for Home Base Issues

If troubleshooting doesn’t do the trick, it’s best to reach out to iRobot’s customer service for further assistance.

Maintaining the Roomba Home Base

How to Clean and Maintain the Roomba Home Base

To preserve its function, clean the charging contacts on the home base regularly, and keep it dust-free.

Recommendations for Where You Should Place the Home Base

Keep it on a level surface, in an open area with a good wi-fi connection.

What to Avoid to Keep Your Roomba from Not Finding its Home Base

Avoid placing the home base in tight corners, high-pile carpets or dark rooms to ensure Roomba always finds its way back home.


Understanding how to guide your Roomba home is crucial to maximizing its efficiency. Harness the convenience of this feature by manually sending it home or setting it to automatically dock once tasks are completed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if Roomba cannot find its Home Base?

If your Roomba consistently fails to return home, check for possible obstacles, clean the charging contacts, or readjust the location of the home base above.

Can Roomba return to the Home Base from anywhere in the house?

Yes, providing there are no obstacles or stairs inhibiting its path.

How can I ensure Roomba regularly returns to its Home Base?

Using the automatic send home feature will ensure your Roomba consistently returns to its dock.

What to do when Roomba consistently fails to return to its Home Base?

Clean and check the home base for any damage, or get in touch with iRobot’s customer support.

Is there an app that I can use to control or guide Roomba to its Home Base?

Yes, the iRobot Home app provides controls for your Roomba, including sending it back to the home base.