A Comprehensive Guide on How to Reset Your Kasa Smart Plug

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Imagine this: You’re relaxing comfortably at home, controlling your lights, TV and other devices from your smartphone using your Kasa smart plug but suddenly, it stops responding. You’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work. What’s the next step? A reset! But how exactly do you carry out a Kasa smart plug reset? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain how to reset your Kasa smart plug, whether you’re troubleshooting hardware issues, having app connectivity problems, or preparing the device for resale.

Understanding Kasa Smart Plugs

The Kasa smart plug by TP-Link is a WiFi-enabled plug that allows you to control your electrical devices simply using your smartphone. This not only adds significant convenience to our homes but also improves energy saving considerably.

Features and Advantages

Kasa smart plug offers numerous features, including remote access, voice control compatibility, power usage monitoring, and scheduling capabilities. It’s also noted for its simple setup and installation process, which does not require a hub.

Available Models

Various Kasa smart plug models are available to suit different needs, such as the Kasa Mini Smart Plug, Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitoring, and Smart Outdoor Plug.

Install and Setup of Kasa Smart Plug

Setting up your Kasa smart plug is a straightforward task. Download the Kasa app on your smartphone and follow the step-by-step process to connect the plug to your WiFi network. In case of setup issues, the app provides useful troubleshooting advice.

Reasons to Reset your Kasa Smart Plug

Why do you need to reset your Kasa smart plug? A reset may be necessary for a few reasons, including troubleshooting hardware issues, solving app connectivity problems, or preparing the device for resale or reinstallation.

How to Reset your Kasa smart plug

When it’s time to reset your Kasa smart plug, the process can be carried out either manually, using the physical reset button on the plug, or via the Kasa app. We’ll guide you through the process with detailed steps, making this a breeze.

Reconnecting the Kasa smart plug after reset

Your Kasa smart plug will need to be reconnected to your WiFi network and the Kasa app after the reset. This process is just as straightforward as the initial connection and we’ll guide you through.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Resetting the Kasa smart plug can solve most issues you may be experiencing. However, we’ll provide some additional troubleshooting tips to help you fix common problems and ensure your smart plug is functioning optimally.


Understanding how to reset your Kasa smart plug is important for ensuring seamless performance from your device. For complex issues, approaching the Kasa support can be an effective solution.


What other devices can be connected to the Kasa smart plug?

Various devices such as lamps, fans, humidifiers, coffee makers, and much more can be connected to your Kasa smart plug.

Can Kasa smart plug be used without a Wi-Fi connection?

The Kasa smart plug’s smart features require a Wi-Fi connection, but it can still function like a standard plug without it.

How long does the reset process usually take?

The reset process usually takes just a few seconds.

What to do when the Kasa smart plug doesn’t reset?

If your Kasa smart plug doesn’t reset, consider unplugging it and plugging it back in again after a few minutes. If this doesn’t work, contact Kasa customer support.

How to ensure secure usage of Kasa smart plug?

To ensure secure usage, always use a secure Wi-Fi network and keep your Kasa app updated.

How many devices can be connected to a single Kasa smart plug?

Only one device can be connected to a single Kasa smart plug at a time.