A Comprehensive Guide: How to Share Blink Camera Access with Others

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The rise of technology has invaded every corner of our lives, and today, almost everything is digitalized, including our homes. Our security has upgraded significantly, especially with superior surveillance solutions like the Blink camera system. In the fight against crime or just for personal peace of mind, security cameras have become a must-have asset in every household. But the question that runs in many users’ minds is, can you share Blink camera access? Let’s find this out!

What is a Blink Camera?

Blink cameras are a series of battery-powered wireless security cameras designed by Blink Home. These cameras are designed to deliver top-notch security features to your home or place of business, backed by exceptional quality video and easy-to-use systems that integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle. They’re equipped with advanced motion detection, two-way audio, infrared night vision, and more, providing 24/7 surveillance at your fingertips.

Why Share Blink Camera Access?

Sharing Blink camera access is more common than you think. There can be several reasons for this, from wanting to share live feed with your family to giving access to a trusted house-sitter while you’re away on vacation. The main benefit herein is collaborative security. Having more people monitor the security of your home ensures that any unusual activity doesn’t go unnoticed, which brings us to the matter at hand – how exactly do you share access to your Blink camera?

Methods of Sharing Blink Camera Access

Sharing access to a Blink camera is reasonably straightforward. After ensuring that the person with whom you want to share access has a Blink account, you may go to your Blink App settings, select Manage Account, then you’ll see the option to Share Blink Systems. You can then type in the email associated with their Blink account. The shared user will then receive an invitation which they need to accept to access the Blink camera.

It’s worth noting that there are different roles when sharing access, and with each role comes varying degree of permissions, from only viewing live feed to being able to delete or share content. Keep in mind the importance of sharing your Blink camera access only with trusted individuals.

Safety and Privacy Concerns

While sharing Blink camera access is advantageous, it’s critical to understand and maintain your privacy and security. Like all aspects of the internet, Blink camera access-sharing is not immune to risks, including potential breaches, unauthorized access, or even misuse of access. But fret not, there are ways to mitigate risks. Make sure you regularly change passwords, restrict access levels based on necessity, and monitor the activity of shared users.

Other Alternatives to Sharing Access

If you’re hesitant to share blink camera access, don’t worry; there are alternatives. Blink cameras give the option to send video clips via email or social networks. This way, you don’t need to share live feed access. Whether you choose to share access or utilize these alternatives depends on your specific surveillance requirements and your comfort level with technology.


In conclusion, yes, you can share Blink camera access with others, and it comes with several benefits. However, it is crucial to ensure you do it securely to prevent unauthorized issues or complications. Before deciding, grasp a sound understanding of all the possibilities and implications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one user access my Blink Camera?

Yes, you can share your Blink camera access with multiple users.

How risky is it to share my Blink Camera access?

Like sharing anything online, there are risks associated if not done securely. Ensure you continuously monitor the activity and restrict access levels based on necessity to mitigate these risks.

What options do I have in case I want to revoke shared access?

In the Blink App, you can remove shared users from your Blink camera system’s access anytime you want.

How many people can I share my Blink camera access with?

There is no set limit to the number of people you can share access with, but it’s important to only share with trusted individuals.

What are the alternatives to sharing access?

Blink cameras provide the option to send recorded video clips via email or social networks, so you don’t have to share live feed access.

What kind of control does the shared user have on my Blink Camera?

Depending on the permissions you set, shared users may view live feed, record videos, and delete or share content.

How can I ensure my privacy while sharing Blink Camera access?

Make sure you regularly change your passwords, limit access rights of shared users, and frequently monitor your Blink system’s activity.