A Comprehensive Guide: How to Identify Which Ring Doorbell Model You Have

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The smart home revolution has brought with it the Ring Doorbell, an innovative product that offers homeowners peace of mind and enhanced security. From detecting motion at your front door to monitoring your property while you’re away, the features of a Ring Doorbell are extensive. However, knowing which model you have is crucial for full functionality and understanding of its capabilities.

Different Models of Ring Doorbell

Ring has released multiple models over the years, each with their own set of features and specifications. From the basic Ring Doorbell to the latest generation Ring Video Doorbell 4, each model offers a different user experience. Knowing the model of your device not only helps you maximize its use but also reflects on your troubleshooting efforts should you encounter any issues.

Details and Specifications of Different Models

Ring Doorbell models differ in aspects such as video quality, sound options, motion detection capabilities and connective technology. For instance, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers advanced motion detection and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.

Release Dates of Each Model

The original Ring Video Doorbell was launched in 2013, followed by successive upgrades and remarkable improvements in each new product launch. The most recent, Ring Video Doorbell 4, was released in 2021.

Basic Approach in Identifying Ring Doorbell Models

If you’re not sure which model you have, there are a few straightforward approaches that can help you identify it. You can visually inspect the device, check product features or look for the serial number.

Visual Identification

Different Ring Doorbell models have unique design characteristics that distinguish them. Some models may have rounded corners, different button sizes or distinct front covers.

Checking Product Features

From video quality and resolution to the presence of Night Vision, each Ring Doorbell model offers a unique blend of features.

Serial Number and Model Identification

Most Ring Doorbells have a device label that contains the model and serial number. You can find this label on the original product packaging or on the device itself.

Step-by-Step Guide: Identifying Ring Doorbell Models through Physical Appearance

Checking the Doorbell’s Dimensions

The size of your Ring Doorbell is a good identifier. Measure its width, height, and depth, and compare it to the dimensions listed on Ring’s official website or user guides.

Appearance of the Faceplate

Take note of your device’s faceplate. Early models, for instance, have a faceplate with a rounded bottom edge. In contrast, newer models have square-bottomed faceplates.

Presence or Absence of Other External Features

Additional features such as screws, placements of speakers and microphones, or the provision of interchangeable faceplates can also help determine the model.

Step-by-Step Guide: Confirming Ring Doorbell Model through Device Features

Checking Video Quality and Resolution

Different models offer varying video quality and resolutions, typically straddling between 1080p and 720p. Check on your Ring app what resolution your recorded videos are.

Checking Audio Quality

Audio quality, specifically the adoption of noise cancellation technology, can be indicative of particular models.

Checking Connectivity Options

Knowing whether your doorbell runs on dual-band or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi can help identify the device.

Evaluating Built-in Features

Some models have unique built-in features, like advanced motion detection, that set them apart.

Step-by-Step Guide: Using Serial Number for Identification

Location of Serial Number

The serial number is usually located at the back of the device or on the side of the box it came in.

How to Decode a Ring Doorbell Serial Number

The serial number contains information about the model and year it was made. You can decode this number using Ring’s official documentation or customer service.

Using Ring Help Resources to Identify Doorbell Model

If you’re still in doubt about your device’s model, you can refer to the wealth of resources available from Ring.

Navigating Ring’s Official Website

Ring’s official website has comprehensive information about all their models, including support articles and forums to guide you.

Contacting Ring Customer Support

Ring’s customer support can help you confirm the model type based on your device’s serial number.


Determining your Ring Doorbell model enables you to utilize the device’s full potential and ensures accurate troubleshooting. By visually inspecting the doorbell, checking features, and using serial numbers and Ring resources, you can accurately identify your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is it important to know which Ring Doorbell model I have?

Knowing the model helps you understand the performance, functionality, and limitations of the device ensuring you’re making use of all its features.

What do I do if I can’t find the serial number?

Contact Ring’s customer service for assistance, they can guide you based on the physical aspects and features of your device.

Does the Ring app help identify the model?

Yes. The Ring app provides device information including the model number.

Can I call customer service to identify my Ring Doorbell model?

Absolutely! Ring’s customer service can assist in decoding your serial number or identifying the model based on specific features.

How different are the features between the various Ring Doorbell models?

Each model varies in terms of video quality, Wi-Fi connectivity, motion detection sensitivity, audio quality, design and more. The comparison of different Ring Doorbell models on the Ring website provides detailed comparisons.